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We cannot currently ship to Australia or New Zealand due to Postal Shenanigans brought on by Covid-19. They promise they'll lift the ban soon but we are skeptical. If you want to place an order to AU or NZ anyway, just to reserve your exclusives, we will set your stuff aside and ship it when we can. We're very sorry, please understand!

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November 2021 Update!
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 03, 2021 at 07:10:02 PM

Hello again everyone! 

Not much new to say, I'm still putting things in boxes and shipping them.  The living room is full of boxes and shipping activity, so if we want a Christmas tree this year, I'd better get this project finished up tout suite.

I have run into a problem that I hope won't stick around too long: I can't currently ship anything to Australia. I apologise profusely to all our Australian friends! I'm setting all the Australian shipments aside as I pack and hoping that things will change quickly.  As I understand it, Australia doesn't want our germs, and so they're not accepting any post from us at the moment. It doesn't seem to work the other way, I just got the jar of Moccona I ordered with no trouble. (Did they change the formula? It tastes a bit off.) The only nice thing about this (I guess) is that it's making me really appreciate how many Australian backers we have, which makes me happy.

In other news, Phil's shoulder is healing nicely, and would be doing even better if he would stop doing things with it. Fortunately, one of the things he's doing is his physical therapy, so that's good.

The Kickstarter campaign over at Steve Jackson Games is doing very well indeed, and we're thrilled about it. That's the long-awaited Girl Genius Role-Playing Sourcebook Powered by GURPS, and they tell us we're doing almost as well as the Discworld book, which means a lot to us. Discworld is a bit holy around here.  Anyway, there are 6 days to go on that one. Please check it out!

As for opening up the Sparks and Monsters BackerKit store to the rest of the World, which I've had a couple of inquiries about, I'll do that soonish, but I want to be a little farther along with the shipping for backers before I add more to the pile. 

Thanks, everyone! I'll be back with more info when there's more info!


Halloween Wallpapers and Steve Jackson's Girl Genius RPG sourcebook Kickstarter
3 months ago – Sat, Oct 23, 2021 at 03:08:00 PM

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October Girl Genius Kickstarter News: Shipping is Happening!
4 months ago – Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 03:11:07 AM

Happy October, Kickstarter friends!

Here is the news, a bit later than I meant to have it:


We are now shipping rewards. I’m afraid you’ll still have to be a bit patient with us, because we have a lot to get through, but we’re clipping along. Phil isn’t able to help, more on that below, but the kids and I are working hard.


While I’m packing and shipping this campaign’s rewards, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to future campaigns, and how I want to run them so that I can handle things more quickly and smoothly. The obvious first item is to make sure all our rewards, including potential stretch goal items, are designed, proofed, and ready to go before the campaign even goes live.  I’m also thinking that going forward, our book campaigns will only include flat book things. This makes packing and shipping go much faster and has the advantage of letting me give everyone book rate shipping. If that plan speeds things up as much as I hope it will, I’ll be able to do a separate smaller campaign after the books ship that will feature all the fun pins and medals and pointy things that don’t ship nicely with books.


And speaking of other Kickstarter campaigns, Steve Jackson Games is gearing up to launch their long-awaited Girl Genius GURPS roleplaying game. I’m not sure I can overstate my excitement about this one. It’s a project we’ve been trying to get done for over 18 years. (Yikes!) It looks like it will be going live on October 20, and you can sign up to be notified on launch here on their campaign starting page.


As those of you who follow the comic online will know, Phil, who is right-handed, has had surgery on his right shoulder. He’s not having a very nice time of it, mostly because it hurts a lot, and he isn’t the kind of person to enjoy resting. Also, he’s taking some rather strong painkillers which means he’s not thinking as well as he’d like, and he couldn’t drive even if his arm was farther along in healing. Don’t worry, though, the painkillers are being tapered off and he has begun his physical therapy. He won’t be allowed to lift much for another six months, but he’ll mend, and he’s already proving that he can still draw.  We still want him to take it easy, and we’re really enjoying the story Cheyenne Wright, who does the lovely colors for the comic, is currently drawing for us.


I have other things I’d like to say but they can wait until the next update. I want to get this posted right away since I didn’t manage to post it at the beginning of the month and now have had to rewrite most of it. (I’m sorry! I haven’t been getting enough sleep.) I’ll be continuing to ship, and I’m hoping to get one of the old “Shipometer” graphics retooled and posted for you soon. Thank you, everyone!


I'm now packing up the original art tubes!
5 months ago – Sat, Sep 11, 2021 at 01:25:49 PM

This is just a small update to let you know that I am packing up the tubes of Girl Genius original art for shipment sometime the week of Monday September 13.  If your address has changed and you haven't let us know, now is the time.

Thank you for all your patience!


A Sparks and Monsters Update for September 1, 2021
5 months ago – Wed, Sep 01, 2021 at 08:01:00 PM

Greetings to all our Kickstarter friends!

We are about to move into the shipping phase, and I am very relieved. Please continue to be patient, it will take me a while to get it all out the door. If I get a chance, maybe I’ll try to make another one of the old “ship-ometer” graphics I used to put together to show progress. Although, the reason I had time to make those back in the day was that I was not the person actually putting things in boxes and printing labels. Now I am, so that must take priority.

Today I pushed the button to “lock addresses” in preparation for packing and shipping. This sent an email out to all of our backers who have filled out the BackerKit pledge manager, giving everyone one last chance to tweak their mailing address before I start printing labels. If you miss the deadline, please write to us asap at and we’ll handle things manually! Please use the email address, don’t contact us through the comments here. It’s far too easy to miss things in the comments, and we want to be sure to help you.

If you haven’t filled out the BackerKit pledge manager and you’re meant to be getting a physical reward, please look for our personalized email invitation from BackerKit and follow the link, or go to and log in with the email you used for this Kickstarter campaign. If it doesn't work, you can email us at for a new email invitation.

In other news, my surgery went well, but it took longer than I expected to stop feeling gross afterward. I’m still not allowed to lift much, Halloween is officially “cat-lifting day” here. (My cats are quite large and just make it into the the forbidden weight class.)

Actually, Cat-lifting day sounds like some kind of weird old-world holiday, I should see if I can make it fun. Maybe there should be cake.

I’ll be back later with more news, and of course, I'll continue with the monthly updates. Thank you, everyone!